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Casting Call...


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Dec 11, 2003
The producers of Taking It Off are developing a BRAND NEW TV SHOW about weight loss. We are searching for overweight participants with unique, affecting and inspiring stories. Please come to our casting call if you fit the following description:

Are willing to commit to a serious diet and exercise program for 6 months.

Already live in Vancouver, Calgary or Halifax and have families, friends or colleagues there who are willing to support you and be part of our filming.

Have circumstances that are touching, compelling or unusual.

Are unafraid to publicly examine the root causes of your weight gain.

Have an emotionally meaningful, filmable goal to work towards in six months that will motivate your weight loss (e.g. a special reunion).
Please bring a recent picture (full body shot if possible) to one of these casting calls:

@ Executive Hotel, Portifino B, 9th Floor
1379 Howe Street
Friday, April 29th @ 1pm-9pm
Saturday, April 30th @ 9am-5pm

I am sooooooo there **SMILE** I will keep y'all posted IF I am one of the "Chosen Ones" Don't know if that's braggable or not LOL