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Carrie from Aristocrat (Wild Rose)


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Aug 9, 2003
I was in to see her today and she asked that I keep the other Hobbyists informed on her latest move. She has been working part time at Aristocrat and will be moving to Kingsway (479-1233)and Escape/Relax (474-4255). She is starting at Kingsway tomorrow and will know her schedule better at that time.

I have not seen her since she was originally at Wild Rose. I liked my previous sessions with her and think it may be useful to update her review (1 = Worst; 10 = Best):

Greeting: 7
Appearance: 7
Massage: 5
Extras: 8 - some specials worth pursuing

A definite repeat for me and a recommendation to the other members.


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Jul 14, 2003
Carrie @ Kingsway

Went over to visit Carrie at Kingsway. L/A/S: 6/9/9, worth a repeat

The MP itself is kind of a dump. On a fairly busy street (118 ave), but the entrance is fairly discreet (although right next to a restaurant patio), and there's plenty of anonymous parking available on the street.

Looks: 6 Good looking gal, tall, long dark hair. Nice legs, a little heavy around the middle once she removed her clothes though.

Attitude: 9 Fun girl, definitely put you at ease. Really got into what she was doing. Really good massage, and no clock watching.

Service: 9 FS + Greek, plus lots of unrestricted roaming. She seemed to really get into it. Very fun.

Repeat: Yes
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