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Jul 15, 2003
A couple of Fridays ago, I had a very very crappy visit with Carly at Deja Vu. All was not her fault, however, some of it was circumstance. I delayed so long in posting this because I hate saying bad things about anyone, and didn't want this to seem to biased. Most of the bad stuff on this review is based on the situation, and not the service.
I stopped by hoping to meet Nikki (but some barstard had her and the jacuzzi booked for two hours), so I opted to stay with Carly. She's tall ('bout 5'8 +), and about 160 lbs, and has a pretty face. She is personable, but the booze on her breath was unattractive.
I choose to stay for a session, she starts the shower. Before I'm even done the shower, she comes in to tell me that we have to move into another room. I get to scuttle up to a freaking closet, my only consolation being that it looked like I was going to get a massage on the futon. Not to sound like the princess and the pea, but the futon was lumpier than mom's porridge.
The session begins, an almost non-existant massage hurries itself into rapid bj, followed by her on top. She gets tired of that position quickly, which is fortunate because my back is killing me from her weight and the horrible bed. Switch to missionary, and at this point, I just want to leave. One shot on goal, gone. Asked about a parting shower, but that was unavailable.
In hindsight (and post-editing), the rush probably came from the fact that the futon was just as uncomfortable for her as it was for me, but after the massage, I got to leave.
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