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Canucks or Sharkies?


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Apr 26, 2003
I see hockey threads once in awhile here so I hope this won't be too much off topic, but I think we need some action for the rest of the season. The Sharks and Canucks are tied with 74 points apiece and have played the same number of games, I think. Since they went to ties and overtime losses I'm not sure how to count the games.

Anyway, although there are no guarantees, it appears both teams will make the playoffs so I would be willing to say that the Sharks will win more playoff games than the Canucks. The reward? One hour with the SP of your choice, with a $$ limit of course.

While I may have a high level of confidence, I'm not willing to risk financing all of BC pooning activity at season's end so this will be limited to one serious Canuck fan. Perhaps the powers that be on this board can decide who that might be. Or, perhaps one of the local ladies might want to take it on herself, double or nothing!

Since I live way south of the border we would have to work out the settlement, but that could be arranged I'm sure.

Any takers?
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