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Jun 4, 2002
Hey guys,
I am coming over to your side of the rocks next week and was wondering if it was worth it to rent a car and go looking for some street action or should I just stick to the agencies? I like young,(18-19) slim, petite woman. I usually cruise the street at home, (Victoria) but am not sure what its like in Calgary. I have heard some good and some bad stories and was hoping that someone could fill me in. What is the LE like? decent girls on the street? Where is the best place to cruise? what times? prices? etc etc.. LOL
I did a search for street girls and came up with nothing. Hope someone can help me out.
Feel free to pm if you want to avoid posting on the public board.

thanks in advance,



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Apr 2, 2003
My recommendation would be to leave the streets alone and stick with MPs or agencies.

The streets here are either dead or infested with disease and crime. There's very little selection of quality talent on the streets and I can personally attest that some of the lookers on the street are more than happy to rob you blind.

Stick with Mps or agencies, they're much safer. If you do the agency thing, stick with Kates as they seem to be the only agency who have steered clear of LE as of late. Good vibes just had a mistrial and talk is, though they are open, that they may be dangerous to your reputation. Liaisons is, according to the web, open, but they too have serious legal problems.

Good hunting and remember to post a review
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