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Nov 12, 2002
So I finally saw Brooke at Fantasy, and I was not disappointed. Petite, slim and blonde and a very nice ass. Personality-wise, she’s friendly, chatty and witty. An East Coast accent adds to the charm. The massage itself was nice (not great), but she loves to tease. Extra activities were the best - she seems quite open and really enjoyed it as much as I did, but I didn’t broach upon the subject of DATY. Maybe next time...oh yes, I think there will be some more next times with her! My only regret is not seeing her at Cloud 9 - we could have had so much fun on that huge bed in their Jacuzzi room. Price was 2 browns, with a little more extra for a job well done. On our ratings system, I’d give Brooke 8 “stiffies” out of 10 across the board, which is quite good for a first visit. Subsequent visits are likely to be better.