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Brandy from escorts-canad


Aug 22, 2003
I had an incall with her. She likes to call the shots, but I had a really good time. An awesome body, very cute face, great personality. I'll visit her again some time.

She says Polynesian, but my guess is she's native. This doesn't mean much, because she really is a natural cutie.
Did you have the chance to meet with Brandy?
Any rating?

I saw her about a year ago and like bigben says, she like to call the shots - not shy at all,but I would not call her cute. She had a bit of a pot belly that turned me off. I would not repeat.
She is native
Looks 6
Attitude 6
Service 5


New member
Nov 18, 2003
She does have a cute face, but, yes, she does have a bit of a pot belly and is rushed. I may try her again, but I wasn't overly impressed with her. I also agree that she appears to be native as opposed to polynesian as she claims. She's talkative, polite and quite easy to relax with, but she does like to be the boss, that's clear.
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