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Sep 18, 2006
Hey all,

First timer here. I'm mostly curious to see what suggestions you all have for my first time, especially in regards to what kind of time is appropriate, what kinds of services, and even recommendations any might have about what understanding, patient girls I might consider.

By way of background, it was my birthday recently, and I've begun the journey towards a new, exciting and interesting career path, so I've a couple of things to celebrate. Now I'm young (24), in good shape, confident, so on and so forth - in short, this isn't a matter of simply getting laid. I'm more interested in treating myself to a block of time where my enjoyment and relaxation are paramount.

I know recommendations are easier if I give a list of what I'm interested in, but the fact is that I simply don't know, and maybe don't care to know - is it appropriate to allow the lady to take a greater degree of control here? I'm defintely not averse to interaction and conversation.

Anyways, any tips, advice or whatever else anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!
May 13, 2004
It seems you are in Victoria, that being the case, I'd recommend BobbiInVic, now if you were coming to Vancouver, I'd recommend Saraphina.

Both ladies are extremely capable of meeting the criteria you have!

Good Luck