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'bout time to throw my 2 cents in


Should really post more
Aug 26, 2003
Finally got my ass, so to speak, and registered for this board. I've been reading and not contributing, thought I should change that. As is often stated, YMMV.

Two of my faves:

Gina (ex-Fantasy) - a little older and less toned than she used to be, but always a good session. If you are good to her, she's good to you. I love how she uses that long hair of hers. Haven't seen her picture up at Penthouse yet, was hoping she was going to be a playing-coach, so to speak. Never disappoitned - it's all good!

Marcie (Wild Rose) - tiny girl, but it's all in the participation. Anything from just a complete to FS always brings me to my knees.

Two of my not-so-faves:

Lana (Wild Rose) - no repeat visits, was bored to tears.

Billie (99th Street) - went twice, her "spectacular" CBJ wasn't so spectacular. Didn't like her enhancements.

Sure is interesting how chemistry works, so many contrasting reviews about the same person.

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