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Sep 23, 2004
just finished up a session with a new gal at

ouch ... she was hot! sorry ... i think her name was claudia??? anyway ... i have a unique desire and mya from blondebombshells has always satisfied my desires .... claudia is another blonde hottie and she gives a wicked massage ... it was an hour tops ... two . five brown for her time ... and she went all the way ... i had a couple of cummies ... lol ... shy as i am ... she was very accomadating!! it was an outcall to my home ... i think that is all she does ... but i think mya is looking into a local for you boys and me to play?

oh and she passed on a new link to check out new picks of her new gals .....

fyi ....

anyway ... i hope i don't get any flack for this post .. as i seem to always do

xoxoxo z

call n it like i do it :cool: