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Biggest Turnoffs with SP's?


Jun 21, 2002
On the Hill
Curious...What is everyone's biggest tryoff when going to see an SP?

For me, she must have a nice clean shaven or trimmed beaver with no lasagna noodles hanging out!!

Also, it better not smell like the local cannery!!!!!!!!!!
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curious yellow

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Jun 22, 2002
For me, one important thing is cleanliness from head to toe especially at the y.

Another important thing is their attitude. I recently visited a couple agencies to meet thier line up and the contrast in the attitudes of the ladies is really noticible. One will approach with a smile, perhaps nervous, shake your hand, and just generally try to look and act friendly. Others come out, march up (if they come near you at all), shake your hand (maybe) introduce themselves, with a look, no smile, that seems to say, "I hate this job, and I hate you, drop dead and burn in hell!" Well, that may be an exageration but some of the ladies, in my experience do project body language that seems to say something in that ballpark. I know it must be nerve racking and a real meat market for the ladies so I can understand them feeling like meat, and being shy and nervous, so I don't hold their attitudes against them. But, if they hate this job as some of them obviously do, find another line of work that they can enjoy.

One more. Significant inacurate, dishonest measurements and descriptions in their ads. In inch or two in measurements is fine but if they say they're a 36 and they turn out to be a 46, well that's a different matter. Or if they say they're 25 when they are 35 or older, that's where I draw the line.


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Aug 1, 2002
Top Turnoffs!!!

1. Cleaniness especially at the Y
2. False Advertising....age, size and looks
3. Bad attitude
4. Prebooking appointments then cancelling.


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May 14, 2002
vancouver, B.C.
LOL!!!! You should of pounded harder while she was on the phone, so that there was a pause before each word ""


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Jul 25, 2002
For me, it would be:

- Good personal hygiene, nothing is worse than BO. Still got nightmares over the experience with Diana by the way.

- Tidiness at the SP's place. If it is nice, neat and tidy, then it gives me the feeling that I ain't sleeping on the same sheet that 100 other pooners had before me. Think about it what you can get out of that sheet!

- Bad breathe while doing DFK. Big big turn off. Actually, I have been using self restrains on DFK lately since I got a few colds off it before. Made me wonder whatelse she could give me off that and not really interested in explaining to the wife about all these sudden cold/flu either. Pooners beware on DFK especially when you were attached.


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May 12, 2002
Like they say

Smells like fish, make it a dish
Smells like cologne, leave it alone!!

But let's modernize it to...

Smells like fresh meat, you're in for a treat,
smells like rotten cheese, you're runaway it might have fleas!!

Yeah futile attempt at poetry



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May 30, 2002
hey lanecruiser

too funny, lanecruiser!:D

I've had this experience myself, in fact posted it on this board. Not only did she take one call, but it was two or three, even after I told her I thought she was being extremely rude. Her response? "Other guys find it a turn-on." It was at that point that I gave her the boot!:rolleyes:

trouser snake

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May 26, 2002
Turnoffs about SPs...

I have several pet peeves about SPs:

1st. Punctuality both incall and outcall. I hate it when they are late or when you show up they want to push the session back an hour or 2.

2nd. Cleanliness. Both personal and place. I remember seeing one sp who I use to regularly had a dump before our session. That was disgusting. If I can spend time cleaning myself thoroughly before a session, I expect the same from the sp.

3rd. I also hate it when sps talk about their kids, boyfriends or husbands during our session. I came here to F#ck not to listen about what their kid did today or what they and their husband/boyfriend are doing this weekend.

4th. Finally. I hate it when the sp lies about "all inclusive." Once you get into their apartment and you have all your clothes off, they want another 50 or 100 for this and that.
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