Asian Fever

Big hello's from Sheri in the country...


"Member" Lover
Apr 8, 2003
Lower Mainland
Well it seems that everyone has been busy little bees while I am absent. Just wanted to let you all know that I am still here and still reading with great interest although this particular forum is not quite as interesting as the other ones but it is not with out it's charm. At the very least it does give me the chance to talk about myself which happens to be my favorite subject....I am now out in the Fraser Valley (yeee-haa , Sheri is in the country) for a few days per week. I'll keep you posted as to how the pooning action is out here in the wilds of where ever in the hell I am. (I think that it may be Chilliwack but the jury is still out on that) It is a different kind of work out here but the people are real nice and real polite. Unlike some of you all (hee hee -just kidding) I am still around in the mainland too, so I am still available!!
I will be sure to keep you all a"breast" (ha ha pardon the pun) of what is happening here and if there is anyone who is out this way......come and see me some time!!!

Love Always,
Pink Cherry