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Beware of Dawn, Surrey Whalley area


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May 13, 2002
Met a lady through Live Links yesterday. She sounded nice on the phone, new to the business, and charged less than the going rate, so I thought what the heck. I went and saw her, paid the requested amount, and spent 1/2 hour together. This morning I get a phone message stating that I had ripped her off, and stolen the donation. She was really upset and was prepared to contact my wife, said she had contacted the police and unless I dropped off double the agreed amount of monies she would follow through with the threat. I was a little stunned when I got the message to say the least, but I thought this isn't worth the hassle, so I went back to her house, no one answered the door, and dropped the same amount of money through the mail slot. Five minutes later I get another call from this lady on my cell, which I didn't answer and let the voice mail pick up the call. She states she got the money I left, in fact more than I left, but it wasn't what she was asking for and she would still follow through with the threat. She has my cell number from call display, but I think the rest is a bluff. Just to warn you guys. Redish hair to her waist, 5'2" approx. 160 lbs. late 30's early 40's. Voice is a little raspy.


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May 14, 2002
vancouver, B.C.
That really sucks..... That is pretty much one of my fears being in this hobby people who I know finding out. Thanks for the heads up on that one. Sorry you had to find out the hard way with that one. I doubt she would go to the cops...maybe you should phone the cops and give them an anonymous tip about her and what she does for money......


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Jul 12, 2002
WA state
re: blackmail potential

I am always amazed at Seattle area providers that require place of employment, real name, phone number, and maybe reference from another SP. They always assure discretion. Yeah right! I would never do that. Only having seen a SW once, I was even paranoid about her or someone having my license plate, obviously easy to trace.


post her number

sorry to hear about ur situation , these types have to be weeded out and looked after , do u know her number and a good discription and her address , there are some special people on here (bikers) that would like to know this info ....:) post it asap
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