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Dec 10, 2002
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YL here from Bali where I have been hanging out after BKK. The sp scene is not huge here. The island is small and the cities(city) are(is) deeply grungy with an active drug scene and as a result the pro-scene is not to appealing-down right scary actually.

The bars are another matter. Certain bars seem to be chock full of beautiful Javanese ladies-young ones-older ones and there are some real hot ladies that will spend a few hours with you for surprisingly small ammounts of cash. The whole scene is more like going to a bar-picking up a lady and heading home for some fun for which you pay her the cost of a movie date in Canada(40-50 US). The only catch is you have to actually pick her up. This is quite easy and actually some fun-the initial eye contact-smiles-first banter-dancing and then would you like to see my etchings. It feels like being 16 again-actually better as I was really up tight at 16. The sex is YMMV all the time I suspect and I did found that the lady I was with last night was a bit cautious/held back sexually. Many of these women are very insecure about their looks despite the fact that they are achingly beautiful. They tend to want the lights out and you have to be really reassuring with them and not rush things-again I liked this.

The one problem is that they seem to all want a western boyfriend so that if you want variety you may have to be a bit ruthless about cutting them loose-esp if they think you have money. And it goes with out saying to be careful about condoms -for pregnancy as much as STDs.

As all ways-having a wonderful time-wish you all were here.

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