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May 8, 2003
[prtland, oregon
Hey there,

A few friends and I are making plans to visit the fine city of Victoria in a few weeks to savor all that your fair city has to offer.

Yes, I've done my homework. I've lurked for some time, clicked on the links, run the search engine, picked up on some of the background on the acengies and the independants, and everything, and have started to get a feel for who you regulars are and what a great board you run. I'm used to Hottie Tottie (oregon) and TRB (Seattle) and can say without a doubt ya'll got it pretty dialed in here.

So here's where we're at and where you can help:
1. Bachelor party
2. Reccomendations on girls who can give us a run for a money

Thing is, I get it that a lot of providers are not srippers, let a lone group party-type-girls.

Thing is, we're looking for entertainment coming from the hobby, as it were, who isn't going to hold back

Not into a program like "ok, private shows in the bathroom, line up with your $"

Would love see a two girl show break some boundaries.

Would love a comination of looks attitude and service worthy of some (honestly) nice guys looking for a memorable experience looking to pay some reasonable $ for the time.

And there just aint much in the way of stag reviews here, so please, call a friend, dig deep, caugh up the story you thought wasn't exactly right for the board, or extrapolate from who and what you know as to who I should call.

Again, ya'll run an excellent board, so I know in advance I'm gonna really appreciate the feedback. Take it esay!



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Aug 9, 2002
It might be out of date, but I do know that when I got Celeste's (at Seductions Unlimited) card read to me a while back, it mentioned groups... which is about the only one I've ever heard that on. She's a little alternative and wild, though, so could be up for what you're looking for.

Haven't actually heard of anyone else who'd do a bachelor party like you seem to want, though. I'm interested in anyone elses responses.

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May 11, 2002
wow! yer a fucking idiot!
Most girls and agencies charge more per hour to do a bachelor party. So be aware that it can run $300 per hour/ per girl.

I dont know why it costs more to dance then to fawk but it does.


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Mar 22, 2003
The reason (Iwas told by an agency) that they charge so much more for bachelor parties is:

1) lot's of guys, 1-2 girls, + booze & possibly a lot of drugs =
a trainwreck waiting to happen!

The biggest part of it is the girls' safety...that is the major concern.

If you can meet the girl before hand, have a designated guy in the group that is not drinking or doing drugs, and is willing to "bounce", that helps. Sometimes a lady would like her own bouncer to accompany her, just to be safe....the best thing to do is to talk and meet with the girl a few times before the bachelor party to put her mind at ease that nothing bad will happen and she is in no danger of being gang-raped by a bunch of slobbering, drunken idiots - like us!

Hope that helps!:)

Hi there Oregon!
Victoria's Eden here. I think we have just the girl you need! She is our tall, leggy dancer. Bachelor parties are her specialty. She has a dynamite tanned body and long wavy highlighted brown hair. She is a former Miss Nude BC and really knows how to work a crowd. She has plenty of dance experience and is a premier provider of 'dance only' service. Email us for more details on how we can make your bachelor party a memorable one! [email protected] Also visit our website for info on us and our other full service ladies. See you soon! ;)
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