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Baby steps in pooning


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Jan 21, 2004
Hey all,

I'm a long time lurker with the yen to become a contributor.

Found this website ages ago but never became a "full member" as I had a girlfriend I loved and respected. She is now gonzo and the idea of this has been popping into my head more and more.

SO I'm trying to figure out how to get started..I don;t want to just walk into a place, pop bills on a table and awkwardly go. Would rather start off slow and work up some experience and maybe a rapport with a girl or two. However, I've read that alot of girls get pissed off doing the "small" stuff and I would not want to make any of the ladies here mad and waste their time.

So advice any? Tips? Sympathetic SPs that wouldn;t mind breaking in a rook?


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Nov 12, 2002
From what I have observed from past reviews by fellows with similar circumstances, Lauren @ Sinderellas seems to be the best person for breaking in "newcummers".


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If you have been lurking here, I would expect you have picked a few girls who be able to light your candle. If you are prepared to compensate appropriately, nearly any of the top girls in town will be willing to go at your pace. There is a lot of talk on this board about full service, but there is almost always a broader menu, and many pooners like to start slow and work up with an SP. I include myself in that group. I have seen many of the most popular ladies in Edmonton, and rarely go for the gold on the first visit. (That rule has slipped a bit for me, thanks to Temptations blue plate special.) :p
I work with a limited budget, and I like to see a few regular SP's, with whom I have some chemistry. As a result, I scout my favourites carefully. If I have an especially fun time with a basic service session, then I can be reasonably certain that FS will be time and money well spent. History has proved this largely correct, for me.

Advice Follows:

There is no shame in walking out the door if you do not see what you want at an MP. Remember, it is business, and you should get your money's worth.

Pick a lady, and make an appointment. Show up on time, and expect to have a short wait.

Ask for what you want. Don't leave needs unfulfilled by not speaking up.
At the same time be aware and respectful of an SP's limits.

Don't expect a lot of extras if you are going for an NC or a CBJ, as they are basic services. The best fun comes later.

Nice guys finish first. (figuratively. you hope you finish LAST, literally.) You get better service anywhere if you are pleasant, polite, clean and respectful. Like a good scout, only naked. (Don't be a WIMP, or anything, but don't be a dink.)

Pan's First Poon Pix: (in no particular order)

Samantha - Penthouse (Young, beautiful and smart, very professional)

Lauren - Sinderella's (You want Lauren. She's what ALL the white boys off the lake want. paraphrasing Risky Business) :cool:

Lilith - Supreme (I've heard that she is back on the schedule for straight as well as dom. Lilith is a force of nature.)

Ashley - Supreme (Hyperkinetic PSE. If you could harness the energy, you could light Sherwood Park for years... not for the timid.)

Crystal - MMC (doesn't say much, but the view... High class PSE with a Playmate.)

Sophia - Temptations (The hottie you wanted to nail in High Scool.)

My first sessions with all but one of these ladies were NC.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.


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Jan 21, 2004
no question!

There's no doubt I've already kinda got my favorites picked out. I guess I'm wondering about the true menu that is out there. I mean, granted, FS is the steak and lobster of pooning world, but what are the appetizers? I understand this may be a sensitive topic but if someone could PM with a bit of a guide, it would be much appreciated..