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Jul 10, 2016
Just curious ,
if anyone else has experianced a session where the sp fell asleep on you while doing your thing ?

It happened to me a short time ago with a known sp.
That while enjoying a moment with this sp she absoulty passed out !

I didnt know what to do, i tried to wake her up to no availe !
I even took a quick shower and tried to wake her up again, nothing ...
just passed out cold !

So i left, i put her in the recovery position, checked her vitials she seemed fine.
Then left, no word from her at anytime after no nothing.
Def no repeat.
DM me for more detaiks .


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Jun 6, 2020
You should post a proper review, at least that's my thought. She's clearly got some issues, that's not asleep, that's unconscious due to booze, drugs, could even be an OD. A thumb pressed hard in each shoulder with a gentle shake should awaken any sleeping person. If they don't respond, it's not simply sleep.

While you did some things right, the vitals check and recovery position, you could have been leaving her to die. You should have called 911 IMO. If you are seeing "party friendly" ladies, you should get yourself a naloxone kit and know how to use it. You could save a life.
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Dec 2, 2019
Happened to me. I took it as a compliment since it was after an earth shattering romp but did check her over and follow up communication to make sure she was ok.

It took me a few years though to see her again as she was clearly battling some addictions. Happy to say she has cleaned up her act.
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