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Greetings all,

I come to this board as a sometime visitor to Victoria.

I have seen some very good reviews here, and intend to follow up on some of them. I've visited E&R on my last visit, and old (name escapes me now) service that kept changing locations and now disappeared for good.

Can't seem to find a Chinese/Japanese/Philippina here on the island to save my life :(.

OK, I did see that Miko is at Seduction Unlimited, but I'm hoping for a daytime encounter.

Thanks for the informative reviews and any advice to come.

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Thanks Hipster Doofus,

already made contact about Miko to see if she can be seen during daytime. But I like thin ladies, so I'm open to suggestions.

May have to try more than one. Kinda a nice change from the Latinas I usually see when I visit Costa Rica. Sorta prefer to hobby where it's a little more legal than Texas.
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