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As I Promised (on Rosanna)


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Oct 26, 2004
Far and away
I promised a rare Santiago review a few weeks ago, on Rosanna, and forgot, or went away on business, or got drunk and laid, or both, I can’t remember (as if any of you really care anyway). Here goes.

This girl is fucking hot. The kind of hot you never ever get real close to. I mean really fucking hot. So fucking hot. Hotter than the fucking hottest hotty in the centre of the hottest fantasy you have ever had on a really hot summer night holding your penis with hot desire like that you felt the first time you took a hot bath and discovered how hot you could make yourself with just the thought of hot hotness.

Man she’s hot. Fuck.

Anyway, that was better than the Toto lyrics I saw in another review, but that’s not really what I meant to say.

What I meant to say was this:

So I walk into this place after a certain very young (schoolgirl) someone at a certain southside location certainly bailed on the appointment I certainly made at least a certain hour and a half before showing up. Never one to give up on hot times, I had heard about Rosanna in some song in the 80s, so when I found out she was working at Fantasy, I thought maybe she would be a good Plan B. I dialed the number 867 5309 but got an operator message and rather than deal with that I cleared my memory of the last five minutes and decided to just drive over. Something still seems weird about that, though; I’m going through my cache daily for some clues.

I’m driving there and thinking, “I’ll check Fantasy to see who’s working. I’ll just meet and greet and leave.”

So, as planned, I drive in past the biker bar, I park, walk in, Rosanna starts to introduce herself, and I agree to stay.

Girl is hotter than Liv Tyler. Like Liv without the Tyler.

Now, this girl starts out with a real firm massage, really nice. Lots of body work, she fits so well on the back of my legs. Then CBJ while petting a certain someone’s rock hard abs and intermittently muttering something about remembering to do her laundry. Then the FS, which was extra extra extraordinary. I mean I’m not what I used to be, but for about an hour I was.

Then, believe it or not, more massage.

Rosanna delivers Eastern European level service (for those of you that haven’t been to Budapest, go there right away (and when you’re there, look for the cab driver named Andras and he’ll hook you up (if you’re really nice to him (and if you’re not nice to cab drivers, don’t go to Budapest (because cabs there are cheap and fast and it’s not the same without them (but maybe the Czech Republic (because I haven’t been there to give the cab drivers the impression that Canadians are all as intelligent, good looking, and well-mannered as myself (not to say, of course, that there aren’t others) if I may say so) where there is certainly lots of available sex) and their friendly drivers)) with some really nice girls)) with a flare which mirrors the sheer elegance of it's people, which I alluded to in my first parentheses above, but not really, because I am just finishing the sentence right now.

More SPs should do this. I love fucking then cigarette and massage. It’s great, like the girl really cares, you know. A little pride here and there. Sweetness.

Go see Rosanna, sit back, relax (if you can) and think about sweetness. You’ll learn the real meaning of the word.

And fuck is she hot…

I’m retired again. Thinking about coaching.
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Aug 16, 2003
Santiago, was that a dream or for real?

I looked at Fantasy's web-site.
There is no Rosanna on their schedule, nor in their portfolio. :rolleyes:


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We are all going to chip in to buy you a thesaurus.
The most glaring abuse of an adjective I have seen in ages. :rolleyes:
A good review, well worth the wait.


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May 5, 2004
totally hot...

No doubt, Rosanna is one of the hottest in the biz in my opinion. And for those that don't agree, to hell with you anyways ! :D

Not only is she fine eye candy, she provides great service and she's a total sweetheart. She's not on the site as she's been on and off at fantasy for the past couple of years and she wasn't working the last time they did an update on the site.

Definitely one of my all-time faves. Hmmm. It's Saturday, just got paid, I wonder if I'm lucky enough that she'd be working tonite...