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Are You A Budding Screenwriter?


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Feb 27, 2003
Are you a budding screenwriter?

Looking for creative writers! Must be able to deliver a 3 act play and do it in 30 pages or less. Story lines must be unique and very erotic (hopefully from a female perspective). Minimum 6 xxx scenes, one of which MUST be Girl/girl.

Although one of many series, our flagship video imprint will focus predominantly on the female perspective of erotica, ie: female empowerment and other feminist issues (while hopefully not alienating the men at the same time) as it relates to love and sex.

The way in which we chose to accomplish this minor twist is by placing females in traditional male roles (female boss, etc) or by implementing creative character arcs whereby our female heroine grows out of her stereotypical submissive nature and blossoms into a woman in charge of her destiny.

It could be action driven, comedy, drama, or whatever comes to mind provided that it's good! Tempo and tight dialog absolutely important. Story must not drag on and the sex scenes must be relevant to the plot. Furthermore, spacing of sex scenes must have a quick pace to it as well.

First act should be no more than 5 pages. Second act, no more than 15. Third act resolve, no more than 10. Each act must resolve and carry effortlessly into the next. Ending must be succinct unless part of a multi-series story line.

In a nutshell, what I am looking for is a cutting-edge adult XXX soap opera.

One last thing, the pay's pretty cheap.

For all you macho writers out there, don't despair. We need the testosterone-packed stuff as well. E-mail all submissions to: