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Apr 6, 2006
southern BC
Had the misfortune of picking April at Garden of Eden the other day. What a mistake. She seemed open and relaxed enough at the beginning but she never even tried to be arousing. I like to massage and explore a womans body to get us both it the mood but I may as well have rubbed the bed post. If she wants to stay in the biz at least learn how to fake it! She covered me up and started her version of a CBJ before I was even aroused (not that it would have happened anyway) and managed to coax something out. At that point I'm already disappointed and pissed. I suggest a bath which she then prepares and tells me to get in then proceeds to get dressed. There was no attempt to being a physically arousing woman even if she was pretty good looking. I left 30min early and thoroughly pissed. I'll never go back there even if she isn't.

a-started 6-7 but ended up being 0.5
I've had more fun getting kicked in the nuts.
Better luck next time ELSEWHERE!!!


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Feb 13, 2005
MP in Kelowna


I've been twice to Indiscretions and both times I left wishing I went to the Casino instead. I would have had more fun even if I lost all my money.