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Sep 28, 2003
I'm a newbie and new in town, just wondering if anyone had experience with Bobbi from IB and Tori from VE. Did a search and didn't find anything.

I know I gotta contribute before asking questions, but well, girls I've experienced with were already reviewed, so I'll be nice and short in Looks/Attitude/Service form. Is there like a format that people prefered in posting a review?

Jerzie: 7/8/8 A little heavier than the pic shown, but it's ok, still great body nonetheless. Great personality, very direct and straightforward. She's quite into it and I had fun. Don't think I'll repeat cause she's not really my type, but I do recommend others to try, because everyone's taste is different.

Felicity: 7.5/9/9 Recommended by Jerzie, saying she have the whole GFE. It's true, she's very cool, awesome cbj, light kisses, and can really shake her ass. I find other reviews of her to be quite accurate as well.

Priscilla (spelling?).........whoa, I did have a VE girl at my place, different driver perhaps?
Anyways, 7/8/6 She's quite chubbier than the pic on VE website......actually, the pic looks nothing like her. She's friendly tho, nice smile and nice attitude in general. Unfortunately, the service was not good.......first of, can't play with breast, light touching ok, that's it, wtf? No kissing, no necking, and many others.........super safety girl. Holds condom during session, or double checks I'm still covered every 2-3 mins....... She forgot lube, and say I'm hurting her.....so i quit after 15 min and say I don't wanna continue. Wasn't in the mood anyways. again, ymmv............

and Kyla: 9/7/7 No, it's not a duo. Kyla was recommended by Jasmine, cause they are good friends I guess. I review them together because they are very similar. Both very friendly, laid back, but quiet. Same restrictions, no kiss, no digit, no daty. Both have awesome body, tall slim, small breast.....jasmine has the better bod IMO......it's just like in the pics!
Kyla's a tad better than Jasmine in terms of service.

Rylee: well............it's Rylee, nuff said.......definitely my fav!

I think that's it..........this city has so much to choose from, it's amazing. I hope to try some indies in the future, assuming they exist.


Oct 19, 2002
tried to see...

tried to see Rylee again this week and for some reason she didn't show up for work for the week :( oh well..hope whe comes back..going into withdrawls already...lol;)