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Another Paige Adams Review


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Apr 29, 2003
Hello All,

Have been lurking around this forum for the last couple of months, and based on all the excellent reviews on Paige, I decided to give her a try as I happened to be in Victoria this week. The experience was fantastic and pretty much what other reviewers have already posted. A great GFE and an hour I will not soon forget.

Though not nearly as seasoned as some of the members of this forum, I have dabbled in this past time in 5 different countries and about a dozen different cities. I have to say that this was probably my best experience to date. I got there late and a little frazzled, and she quickly put me at ease with a glass of wine and a little conversation. From there we started some gentle LFK and sensuous massage, and then on to the main course. There was not much we did not do, and this lady was very responsive and quick to show her appreciation. So much so that I asked her what she liked so that I could try to make this a good experience for her as well. A little naive on my part maybe, as I know 99.9% of SP's are not really in this business for their own personal enjoyment, but somehow for Paige it seemed worth the effort.

Thanks everyone for all your great posts, makes doing the research to find a quality SP much easier. Can't wait to spend more time in Victoria!!
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