The Raquel Rose

Annabelle/Betty Boop


Nov 21, 2003
Longtime pooner and lurker with only a few comments on the board till now. I have been with an extensive list of laedies ranging from AMP to SP and almost everything in between. Lately I have come away from sessions feeling very underwhelmed. Don't know if this hobby has run its course for me or not. I am thinking I need some new blood and last week I called an ad from the westender titled Betty Boop. She answered the phone immediately and all I can say is that she sounded 1st class alll the way. Great phone voice, easy to talk to, and reasonable rates. I searched for info, but alas, nothing shows up, so I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has any input on what sounds like a lovely lady. I will post a review once I get some feedback, but my past experience on unreviewed ladies has been money poorly spent. When I get some free time, I will list all the ladies I have seen (and its an extensive list) . In the meantime, this lady seems to have everything I am looking for, except any relavant info on perb. Any info at all would be appreciated.