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Amy at Lotus


I like to poon.
Oct 29, 2002
I think everyone knows this place. Not on the top of any ones list I'm sure. A friend had a hankering for a release so he decided to stop in and see if they were open. They were the closest location available as most others would have been closed by the time he arrived. He got there 5 minutes before closing and knew it would be a rushed massage so he just went in and asked for a HJ. No attempt at asking for a massage. Didn't bother asking. Just felt like asking for a HJ. Don't know why but he did. Amy was an overweight asian with big enough tits for a russian. Long story short she found a pearl necklace and he seemed to have lost $40 while he was in there. Not a bad deal he reckons. She did clean him up really well and rubbed his balls while he made a deposit. That's what my friend tells me anyway.

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