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Amsterdam-Vancouver comparison


May 26, 2002
On a recent combined business and holiday trip to
Europe, I got to spend two nights in Amsterdam
and sample a little of what is on offer in terms of
the good life. I thought a few notes of
comparison could be helpful to future visitors, and
help to better appreciate what we have here.

The red light district in Amsterdam covers one
main street (with a canal) for several blocks, along
with four or five one-block side streets on each
side of the canal. Girls literally sit or stand in tiny
window-fronted rooms right on the street, one after
the other, with from maybe 50 to 100 women
working on a busy summer afternoon or evening.
Prices are standard for the young hotties (and
there are MANY) at 50 Euro for “a suck and a ****”
(the standard line), everything covered. At about
$70 Canadian, this sounds like a great deal.
However, that amount covers only 15 minutes, one
standard position, and not all clothes removed.
Hence, the initial pricing is really an opportunity to
start the up-sell process, designed to separate
you from as much cash as possible. If you go for
half an hour, all positions, all clothes off, it would
be roughly 120 Euro (or more, if you fall prey to all
the requests for more cash), which is roughly $175
Canadian. Guys with iron will and seeking a quick
release would do very well there, but if you are
susceptible to up-selling, and like to take your
time, the cost can be high.

Let me stress that, among the young cute ones,
which are all I spoke to, the quality of looks, charm,
figure and appeal was SMOKING hot in many
cases. And the appeal of walking around on
narrow streets lined on both sides with windows
containing hot young working girls is great. The
streets are sometimes full of boisterous groups of
men, often in stag parties, and there is a kind of
danger in the air at times. The age range of the
working ladies went up to about 50, and body
types were highly diverse among the older ladies.
There were sections of Asian girls, sections of
black girls, and lots of tall, cute athletic-looking
Dutch women, who are, to me, complete

On my first day, while reeling from jetlag due to a
flight that got in at 10 am, I met Crystal, a young,
tall, lean blonde who looked like a slim Cameron
Dias. She was extremely friendly until the clothes
came off, and then it was all business to get me
out the door in minimal time. Remarkably, she
asked if I wanted to pay 25 Euro extra to have her
remove her top. I said sure, and then she seemed
embarrassed that she had on a padded top, with
virtually no breasts, but big puffy nipples. Of course
there was no pinching or kissing the nipples.

On my next evening in town, a week later, I had
more time, more energy, and I slipped into a coffee
shop/cannabis café for a little pick me up before
window shopping. My first encounter was with
Anna, a tall, very slim, gorgeous brunette with big
hair and a sultry smile, who looked Southern European. She brought me into her room, and then into the back and down the stairs
into a larger room that serves as the bedroom for
perhaps three window girls. Anna caught me
perfectly with the upsell, extracting $150 Euro from
me but delivering a great time. Then I took about
an hour or so to recover and wander the streets.
When it gets dark, and you are stopping into cafes
to take a few hits from a great joint of wonderful
weed, it can get confusing to find your way back to
the hotel. I was about to call it quits, but decided to
try one more quickie, and see if I could avoid the

I picked a very tall Dutch girl with dark hair and a
superb figure. She looked like Heidi Klum, the
German model, crossed with a varsity volleyball
player. She was probably just under 6 feet tall,
about 130 pounds, and very sweet. Lolita was from
Maastricht, had just turned 20 and had only been
in the business for two months. Interestingly she
was embarrassed by the up-sell and basically
didn’t bother with it, instead just gave me for free
what others charged extra for, and got on about her
business of giving me a wonderful time. I was so
impressed, so grateful and so loaded that I ended
up giving her an extra 70 Euro anyway. She was so grateful she
gave me a real kiss on the way out. She would be
a definite repeat.

All in all, I would say that a visit to an MP here in
Vancouver would likely give you better service,
likely no up-sell, more time, and less of a bizarre
party atmosphere. However the appeal of all the
women on the streets at once on a hot summer
night with the red lights on can not be denied.

The experience also alerted me to what this hobby
would be like without the internet. This was the first
time in my life I have walked in and paid for sex
without checking references and
recommendations. I can now see that without
boards like this one my chances of having quality
experiences would be greatly reduced.



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Jun 20, 2003
Very interesting to read, i think if the system for escorts was like that here, I wouldn't enjoy my job at all..
YAY for Canada!


May 26, 2002
Thanks for the replies

Lisa and Paige:

I do think life is a lot better here for the ladies, although they earn heavily over there if they are successful (according to Anna, 140,000 Euro annual gross, for full time work). Its also pretty strange for the clients there too.


It was 6.5 Euro ($10 Cdn) for a superb, 4 inch, cone shaped "Natural", no tobacco, medium strength (to avoid getting me completely lost on the street)



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Jun 8, 2003
"I do think life is a lot better here for the ladies, although they earn heavily over there if they are successful (according to Anna, 140,000 Euro annual gross, for full time work). Its also pretty strange for the clients there too."

yeah, but they gotta pay taxes, lots of them! You know what that does to your pay cheque! Even if you only pay tax on half, it's still a lot, and i bet those tiny rooms cost a bundle. so i agree i'd say vancouver has better working conditions for everybody, including the serious hobbyist :) but i must admit the few times i've enjoyed the hobby in germany, it was pretty wild. great report, thanks.

R the Man

Variety is the spice...
Nov 23, 2002
Somewhere in La La Land
I visited the RLD for the first time this spring, and found that the experiences were very mechanical and rushed...my experiences with SPs in Canada have been much more satisfying (although there is something intrinsically appealing and voyeuristic about the "window shopping"!)


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Aug 9, 2002
I have been punting on and off. Yes, most of the times, the services in Amsterdam are rushed, but the selection and prices are much better than Canada, even when you factor in the travel costs. IMO, the experience vary depending on the day and time. Also if I recall, there are three RLDs. Anyway, my worst SP experience was UK; the best was Thailand.
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