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Feb 7, 2004
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Hi boys,

Back in town for a visit. Night #1 didn't have enough time to do any research, went to Penthouse, 3 ladies at work, all 3 were busy. Went over to Sinderellas, 3 ladies at work, all 3 were busy. Oh well, dropped by KamaSutra to see what's there. 3 ladies, all 3 were available.

Met the first two, both were well below average in the looks department; Fergie can't remember their names but then came Amanda. WOW, nice...urr...upper body. She was wearing a white lacy outfit which showcases her assets very very well.

Anyway, Fergie couldn't resist and stayed for the full meal deal. Standard prices except she has a one brown (plus room fee) minimum.

Look: Late 20s, nice 36Ds 9+/10
Massage: Very weak, just the token rub, 3/10
Attitude: Very pleasant to talk to, 7/10
Extras: Mechanical, a bit hurried, 5/10

I was in and out within 30 minutes. Amanda was very pretty but there is probably no repeat for Fergie.


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Aug 9, 2003
Fergie, strike 2, shit ...

you are not having any luck? Once again I feel your pain. Good luck with that 3rd strike. I hope you don'y swing out.
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