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Allie Zeon - September 2021 Review!


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Feb 6, 2019
Brandon, MB
Oh wow, where do I start! I almost missed out this visit since I haven't been on checking lately, but gladly I did!

I have been seeing Allie for a few years now, one of my TOP ATFs that never lets me down!
She is very down to earth, very open and very energetic!

As always we start with a nice warmup conversation, taking off from where we left off last time, its great to have someone you know about each other and meeting up from a long time, remembering all the stories we shared with each other! It was like meeting up with a long lost relationship from the past and finding each other again! :) Then she started off with a great massage which I really needed for a long time, and worked our way into the mood ;) I lost count on how many times she came and squirted but enjoyed every minute of it! Every time we meet, she tries to explore new ventures which is exciting and always ask if if there's anything else that she can do... awww! Everything she has done is overwhelmingly great I just can't think of anything else, just let her lead the way! :sneaky:
I can't wait till she visits again next time!
***If anyone is on the fence about her, you won't be disappointed!!! Or I'll keep her to myself! :p
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