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Sep 3, 2004
Southern California
I am quite discouraged these days nothing really good to report cause there is nothing good out there.

If only I could find a sweet petite sexy lady (MILF) experienced in the art of erotica and sensual play combined with massage I would never "stray". I used to have a couple of gems in the past but it has been to long since I have experienced that connection.

Ahhh well I guess I am just venting cause I honestly dont think you guys can help me out. If you think you know what I am looking for I would gladly reward you for your assistance after I tested your advice.

If not thanks for listening....


Buck up Little Camper
Jan 24, 2004
Just Give'r
ohcanada.. have you tried anna in surrey? She is amazing, although she isn't petite, slim yes, but alittle too tall to be petite. very erotic and sensual with one of the best HJ on the market today.. ohh and her oral skills are great too!