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Alexis @ southsidestudio


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Oct 28, 2004
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Just checking the mp's websites and ran across Alexis @ southsidestudio, it says she is newly :confused: back in the business, can't find any info on her, anybody seen her???

maybe i'll tofft if nobody has info/intel


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Aug 22, 2004
Saw Alexis today actually. This was my first visit to Southside. Session was OK but nothing spectacular. Stats on website are accurate - pretty face, well endowed, and mild BBW. She was pretty quiet, massage was a little light for my taste but not too bad, cbj was....well OK - again nothing spectacular. The impression I got was she is a nice gal and it's always hard to really judge on 1 visit - unless it's absolutely horrible of course.

The Studio itself isn't that great - it's small but clean. The worst part is the shower is outside of the room.

A second or third visit may prove that she is a great SP - maybe it takes a couple sessions for her to 'open up' so to speak - until she feels comfortable with a new client.

If the Studio was nicer I would defiitely repeat - however, another visit may have to wait for a rainy day. There's just too many nice places with all those creature comforts in one room.