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Bobo The Rabbit

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May 11, 2002
Well I droped by the studio and had a session with Alex, nice girl, about 20 blond, little tiny bit on the plus size, puts in good effort, limited options of positions, though remmeber only 1 brown and a green, so one cant complain too much. Though given that the studio has alot better to offer, I wont repeat, much better girls avalible to be honest, even at thier low low prices.
I would recommend seeing Jasime (also known as Talia? at velvet touch) as shes a stunning asian whos a must see.



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I kick myself for not electing to stay with Jasmine the first time I saw Alex.
Sounds like you had a better session than I.
I had posted this review on another forum, and now present it here, as it is on the subject.

I called Temptations on Sunday looking for Kara, only to be told she was off for the day, but learned that Sophia was expected for the late shift. After the swell time I had with her previously (see earlier review in this forum) I licked my chops and made a plan to head west. I had a narrow window of opportunity for my visit and when I arrived my heart sank to find that Sophia had yet to make an appearance, having had something come up. I was greeted at the door by Jasmine, who was looking especially toothsome, and she mentioned another new girl, by the name of Alex. I opted to meet Alex and in our short conversation decided to TOFTT. Alas, one doesn't win on every spin of the wheel...:(
Alex was wearing a baggy shirt and sweats when we met, which did not give me a particularly good view of the goods, so to speak, but she seemed nice and I was as randy as a bull moose, so we made our way to the big room.
She started the shower, and left me to it, returning very promptly, before I was dry. She apologised for her wardrobe, saying she was meant to be going home, and I, gentleman that I am, offered to relieve her of the burden of clothing. Upon unwrapping the package, I found the sweats were masking a girl of much larger proportions than originally estimated, but being a trooper, I soldiered on, giving the girl the benefit of the doubt.
We started with a massage, which may rank as one of the most ineffective rubdowns I have had. All I could think of was the first massage I ever got from a girl, when we were both 14, and I think even she seemed more experienced.
Every stage of the session was prefaced with "what do you wanna do now?" which is not an approach that gets me hot. Faced with that question, I chose the ever popular CBJ, which I will say was the highlight of the visit. She showed both enthusiasm and skill here, but of course stopped and asked, "what do you want to do now?"
We moved on to the final stage of our encounter, and the last act was pretty dull, with a minimum of movement, reaction or interest. At least she wasn't filing her nails...:rolleyes:
Ironically, it was me who was watching the clock by the end, but I did not feel that she was. Even so, I was in and out in 31 minutes.

Looks - 6 A very average girl, 20lbs. too heavy, no real effort to look good. (In fairness, she was dressed to go home when I arrived, but even so...)

Attitude - 4 Did not seem at any time to be particularly interested in the proceedings.

Service - 5 the only redeeming quality here was a moderately skilled CBJ, but most guys will tell you that there is really no such thing as bad head...

That is the nitty gritty of the encounter. Alex seems like a nice kid, but I think she is in the wrong line of work. She has worked a Swedish Touch for a few months, and had quit there earlier in the day because she was not getting any clients.
Conversation was pleasant, and we had a couple of laughs, but there was nothing that stood out.

Repeat - No.

I spun the wheel, and lost. That is the very essence of "Taking One For The Team." :rolleyes: