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Accupointe VS. Bex

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Aug 30, 2003
Metro Vancouver
Just wondering about Bex! I've read plenty of positive reviews, but am still hesitant about trying a new place. I've been to various different mp's, but lately I've been frequenting Temptations in Richmond and Accupoite in BBY.

For those that have been to both Bex and Accupointe (or even Temptaions) how would you rate both out of 10 and what was the criteria you based this on?

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Sep 16, 2003

JackFrost said:

I was at Accupointe..taking a shower..and I noticed some other dudes kleenex' was in the shower, and some other black paint looking stuff. I kicked it at first, because I figured it was a paint stain or something. Wrong..it was something else all together.
Good God Jack, that ain't right. If they don't know proper disposal techniques, you gotta wonder if they even know how to put the jacket on correctly. =p I went there a few times a couple years back before it was re-named Accupointe, and it was quite dirty. The only reason I went there was because of Be Be. I'm still tempted to return to this dive because of Lucy...still have yet to give her a go. I've heard the manager's name, Ken, mentioned in a few posts...is he an older guy, wears glasses, roundish but not overweight? Did he use to run another MP on Imperial Street?
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