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About the business of MPs...


Jul 1, 2003
I've got a couple of questions about the business side of a massage parlor. First, what's the deal with MPs having to close at 11pm? I've heard that it's a bylaw, but don't understand the reasoning behind it. Second, can anyone shed some light on the persistant stories that gangs all have their fingers in massage parlors, even if they don't own them? Is this an old wives' tale, or is there any truth to these rumours?


Hard Throbbing Member
Nov 12, 2002
I reckon that the powers-that-be know that the MPs will really do well after 11 PM (especially with drunk, horny and prick-teased bar patrons and clubbers) so its a means of suppressing the SP trade. Plus, they may be afraid of some of those same drunkards or late-night weirdos causing problems at the MPs. Also, the limited hours establishes some sense of legitimacy - they're looking the other way at what's going on, so they don't want the MPs to look even more illicit to the blue-haired Audrey Jensens of the world.

Does that make sense, or am I just blowing smoke out of my arse?
Pink Cherry