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A wee survey: appointments with SPs


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Nov 12, 2002
littlejonny said:
Kneel2, thanks for the suggestion on making an appointment, however I don't normally do that unless I've seen the girl before. If I make an appointment with someone I don't know and my bitch-alert meter goes off when we meet, then it's kind of hard to back out.
I didn't want to derail the original thread, so I thought I'd start a new topic.

Anyway, have you ever made an appointment with an SP you've never met before? If yes, did you ever walk out or demand another SP if she was making a bad first impression?

I'm like Kneel...I only make appointments with someone I've seen and know already, and if I anticipate a busy night at the MP (such as getting the answering machine if I phoned earlier). Only once have I made an appointment with an unknown SP...and I did strike gold!

Aside: I've only walked out on an SP once. It was a couple of years ago at Cloud Nine. I dropped in out of sheer impulse, but none of my favorites were working that night. The only one available was a cute young girl who looked appealing. During the brief time that she led me into the Roman room and started filling the tub, my attempts at ice-breaking conversation with her were answered with rather irritated replies. So I looked at my watch and exclaimed, "Oh shit! I have to go! I have to be somewhere else!" and left rather abruptly.


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Jul 24, 2003
When I lived in Edmonton there was a couple of times I called an agency and I did not like what I saw at the door. I politely declined and paid the ladies cab fees. Kind of hard to do it if you dont find the girl at least half attractive.


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Jul 15, 2003
I've actually made two appointments with SP's I've never met, both because of the fantastic reviews from boards like this. One was with Rebecca and the other with Ariel. However, I doubt I'd make an appointment with someone I'm totally unfamiliar with.


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Mar 14, 2003
I've made appointments with other girls under the recomendation of another SP that said "if I'm not in...she will take good care of you..." that said, I know that if she doesn't the regular girl will hear about it and won't be pleased. As far as walking out on an SP that isn't blowing your skirt up so to speak, yeah I've done it. I've used the pager going off, and the plain old "ya know...I don't think I will be staying for a session...I'll come back another time"


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Jul 14, 2003
Based on reviews (now exclusively from this board) I actually make appointments all the time with girls I've never met.

I'll check the website for schedules or call the place to find out who's on that day. If the girl I'm looking for is there I'll make an appointment and head over to see her. Hence why it's a pet peeve of mine when MP's don't post schedules on websites.

Usually I only go to a MP to see someone specific. When I first started, I used to drop by MP's to see who was there but quickly found that I wanted to be particular about who I was spending my time and money with.

Only once have I made an appointment with a girl and then changed my mind when I got there. It was with Tiffany @ Paradise (the brunette, one of the twins), but I thought I was going to see Tiffini (the blonde, who has since left Paradise and is now at Kama Sutra).


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Jul 18, 2003
I probably will make an appointment with Ariel, based on the various reviews here. But I am fairly cautious about doing that, as I don't want to be too insulting to a lady. I recollect making an appointment with Katrina at Fantasy a while ago, based mainly on her photos on the web. She looked nothing like them in person and was not my cup of tea (just my personal preferences) and it was a bit uncomfortable making my excuses to get out of there.......


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Aug 9, 2003
A Sharing of Experiences on Katrina/Ariel at Penthouse

Studley, you should reconsider. Katrina is a little "hard looking" sometimes but when you get her undressed and into action mode she is one of the best. An experience, close to, but different than Ariel. Either of these girls are awesome and an appointment is a must or you will be disppointed. I know, many times I have wandered by and they have both been busy.

I think my new goal in the hobby will be to have a night with this Dynamic Duo together. I might actually be satisfied for longer than an hour! I know Ariel does Duos with Sarah and I suspect that Katrina would like to do one with Taylor. Has anyone ever had a Duo with either Katrina or Ariel? Even better has anyone ever been with both?

For the lucky guys that have had a one on one with each (me being such a lucky fellow), who do you prefer? I will provide my answer to anyone that responds to the Board or PM's me.


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Mar 4, 2003
I now only book appointments on a first visit with someone that comes highly recommended (by multiple sources) on this board. Thanks to Boards like this I'm rarely disappointed. Once I know a girl I always book, cause when I'm in the "mood" I don't want to be left standing at the door.

It is always a good idea to get to know who is working with your favorite at any given salon. You never know when your fav will skip town and you have to start the hunt again and then at least you met some of the others at that salon.


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Jun 23, 2003
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I had met both Katrina and Ariel on a one on one basis, my personal choice is Ariel, I have nothing against Katrina, she provided 1st class service, however, due to my physical size (I'm a smaller guy), I have found Katrina is a bit too big for me. On the other hand, Ariel is just the perfect size, full of energy, so fun to be with.
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