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Aug 27, 2003
I have to admit that I was staring at the floor when I first met Ariel, so my initial memory of her is rather backwards - bottom up, as it were. I was in the waiting room flipping through a magazine and had just set it on the coffee table when I heard the sexy click of pumps on the linoleum outside the door. As my gaze climbed from her open-toed shoes, along her supple (as I was to later learn), shapely legs, over the hem of her snug - not skin-tight - summer dress, along the contour of her hips, across her midriff, lingering briefly over her luscious, natural breasts (again, as I was later to learn), and, finally, to her face, I was slowly and increasingly aroused by this truly beautiful woman. Then I saw her eyes - and was captivated! I have never been with such a bewitching woman and I am haunted still by her sultry, yet innocent gaze!

Sufice to say that my answer was a barely restrained, very enthisiastic "yes" when she asked if I was interested in staying!

As she led me to a room, I took the time to appreciate her form from this new vantage and was aroused, surprisingly, further by her shapely backside - a fact that she clearly noted as she smiled over her shoulder at me.

Once in the room and showered, I didn't wait long for Ariel to return with my drink. I "assumed the position," waiting for the massage to begin and received a sharp slap on the behind, which, I must admit, rather set the tone for a very playful session! The massage - as has been detailed in this forum many times - was essentially skipped and the "extras" were underway with much the same fervour as that of two long separated lovers finally reunited. Ariel loves to be touched, tickled, licked, sucked, tugged, and spanked and likes to reciprocate whenever she gets the chance, but she seems to sense what will or will not go over well and responds well to someone who has also developed this sense. She's, fortunately, vocal about her likes and, several times during our session, either politely asked that I do her a favour or ardently stated what she wanted next. I lost track of the positions and the time and was lost in her beautiful eyes as the bell rang in the hall well before I was ready, but well after our session should have ended. We finished up quickly and, might I add, rather ingeniously and after the clean-ups and business were taken care of, she held me close for what seemed an eternity, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for a wonderful time.

Ariel is a beautiful woman - a solid 9 on the ubiquitous 1 to 10 scale - and she knows how to please the man whom she's with - clearly 10's for attitude and service on the aforementioned scale.

Plan ahead, gentlemen; book a longer than usual session, if you can. Ariel is worth every minute!

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Sep 8, 2003
I must add my name to the list as well. Saw Ariel a week ago. Again...Not much sense in posting a review as it's all been said about her. By the time I left (truth be told, way before I left), I was in love!