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A-Rod in NY



I don't know if there are too many baseball fans out there but HOLY SHITE that's one hell of a team.

A-Rod Trade

Makes me wish George Steinbrenner were the owner of the Canucks. On the other hand he probably would have moved them by now.


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Jan 25, 2004
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I dunno if we could take the ranting and raving of Steinbrenner in Vancouver... although it wouldn't be a problem competing against the likes of the Rangers, Stars and Red Wings...

Mind you, the Rangers and Stars aren't doing so well...


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Dec 2, 2003
Rumor has it that Steinbrenner is on ther verge of signing......

#31 RHP Greg Maddux

Sad day for baseball........

It's only hope is that on any given day 9 men take the field and play as one unit to defeat the BIG BAD EVIL EMPIRE known as the New York Yankees.


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Jan 21, 2004
I really do not know what to think of the NY Yankees anymore. A-Rod was quite the coupe, in reality NY was the only team capable of taking that hefty contract. If they sign maddux, the yankees will have a killer pitching rotation. Wouldn't it be funny if they failed to make the playoffs or the WS even though they have one of the best lineups.

It sucks to be any other team in the AL east, esp the Toronto Blue Jays & Baltimore Orioles. Toronto picked up some good pitchers through free agency and trade, but that will not be enough. Baltimore picked up Miguel Tejada & Javy Lopez through FA but that will not be enough.

I have a feeling that the record of Toronto and Baltimore might be better then the AL central winner, which totally sucks. Maybe they should do some realigment, because NY's spending is getting too crazy.


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Mar 11, 2003
Hardatwork said:
Makes me wish George Steinbrenner were the owner of the Canucks. On the other hand he probably would have moved them by now.
I would never wish for someone like Steinbrenner to own the Canucks. New York Yankee Fans may think he's okay because he buys them so many championships but to true sports fans owners like Steinbrenner are cancers to their sports. When you have a league where in 2003 a team like NY with a $152 million payroll is competing against a team like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays with a $19 million payroll the sport has become a complete joke. There is so much disparity in talent between the top tier teams and the bottom tier teams they should be in different leagues. The cities with the bottom tier teams might as well field lineups from their local highschools, the games would have about as much meaning.

In the long run a healthy sports league is a competitive sports league. Games between evenly matched teams are far more entertaining than games between a powerhouse and a team of overmatched whipping boys. When you have league in which some teams are perennial winners and other teams are perennial losers eventually you are going to start alienating large segments of your fans. Fans may support an unsuccessful team for a couple of years but eventually if these teams have no chance of competing half the teams are going to be playing in empty stadiums.


I don't disagree with you...

but there's no reason why a team like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays needed to have a payroll of only 19 million dollars. If the Montreal Expos (which is owned by MLB) can have a higher payroll (somewhere around $50 Million) than the Devil Rays, what does that say? It's not the owners, it's the system. The system allows MLB teams to pay as much (and pay a luxury tax) or as little on payroll as they want. I think it's important to not only penalize the teams that exceed limits but to penalize teams that don't hit minimum levels. George Steinbrenner plays within the system as it is today, has a strong desire to win, is willing to pay to make it happen and I salute him for it. I can not say the same for the Devil Ray owner, in fact my argument is that the reason for the great disparity between New York and Tampa is not the fault of Steinbrenner but in fact the Rays owner.

But you're right because eventually there will be limits and disparity because certain markets like New York allow their teams to have higher payrolls. Change the system to something like what the NFL has which is a salary cap with both a ceiling and a floor.

I said the Steinbrenner comment about the Canucks in jest. I actually like John McCaw as owner, however didn't a small part of you ask how come Colorado could get Kariya and Selanne and the Canucks couldn't? Steinbrenner would have made it happen.;)