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A monthly Pooner's Day!

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Aug 30, 2003
Metro Vancouver
Now I have only been posting the last 4-5months now, but I have been lurking the pages of https://perb.cc since the day I saw my first independent SP over 4 years ago. I have read many interesting ideas and reviews from many people that contribute to this board, but it seems like a great number of long time posters have either retired or left. Also seems like the same posters are reviewing the same SP’s all the time. (No offence, I commend everybody that posts)

Is there anybody out there that would like to create some kind of monthly pooning day? Say we all decide on the day or time of the month where all posters & silent lurkers see any SP, MP or SW and actually post within 48hours of the experience. I believe this will help drum up business for some SP’s and give us perberts more reviews and ideas of who we may want. As for all the lurkers out there I don’t care if you don’t want to post a review I want you to just post the damn experience. Maybe you may want to participate more often (I know I wanted to once I started posting).

I’m just rambling now, but if anybody is interested lets do something about this. Let’s start out by picking out a time of the month or date that we can call Pooner’s day


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Feb 7, 2004
New legislation declares that a pooner MUST in FACT post his experience within 24hrs of the encounter.............It's the truth!
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