Van Islands Finest

A few reviews


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Jun 20, 2003
Diana at Penthouse. Been seeing her for a couple of years now, since she was at Fantasy. Terrific lady.
Great teasing massage, the first session didn't make it past the back rub.......

Meko at Fantasy. Not bad, she likes a nice soft teasing massage also. Only problem was she got so wet, that the odour was overpowering. hmmmm

Krissy at Penthouse. Saw her when she first started back at the studio over near Kingsway, then again at Cloud nine.
Very hot, was open to DFK, DATY and more. Had a great time.
Haven't seen her in a while, but will be returning.

Jade at Deja Vu.. Has been my favorite for nearly 4 years now.
Started seeing her when she was at Concord.
Nice teasing, showers together afterward, all the extras as well.
This lady is terrific and is hard to beat.


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Jun 3, 2003
thanks 4 the reviews, Shadow, i have not seen any of those women mostly because i have other "favorites" at the forementioned studios that i see.

keep them coming (literally and figuratively).


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Feb 12, 2003
Thought i would contribute a review from a while back. Kayla at Supreme.

What really got me going are the nice pictures of her at H2T and Supreme. They must be from a couple years ago because she doesn't quite look that way. At least, that knockout rack in the photos has really gone south and she has added a few extra pounds in other places too. Big time gone south. Whatever Mother Nature did to her (baby I'm guessing) left those D's or bigger far less than perfect. This is one big reason enhancements or lifts were invented and unfortunately, she is going to need some work. I'm sorry I missed her in her younger days.

Anyway, session started off late even after an appointment. No apology offered. Stuck me in the tan room, then moved me and left me cooling in another room. By the time she got around to me, she wasn't too interested.

I booked an hour, she half-heartedly did my back, just mailing it in. She started warming up after chit chat, and after I gave her a massage. By the time we were rocking and rolling (only went for a HJ but it was starting to get interesting) she didn't care what time it was and was quite into it. At least, that was the impression I got.

This would be, I guess, a so-so GFE considering how I didn't want to hurt her feelings about the rack. She could likely be lots of fun on a regular basis, but don't trust me on that.