a few more reviews


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Jul 18, 2003
I have arrived!
I admit, I haven't been the best at posting reviews, partly because, I have greatly reduced the number of visits to MP's. Fair is fair tho and I figure I should share whatever reviews I can as I have enjoyed the many other constructive reviews on this board.

My previous review of Eva was from Aristocrat.... Again HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! She is by far the busiest SP at Aristocrat and once you visit her you will know why.

Pearla from G-Spot...
Pearla was a sweet sexy girl with a darker complexion. I was thinking Asian but I am not sure it was a while ago. Pearla had quite a few restrictions but it was my first and only visit with her and it may have been a case of YMMV. She was open to using toys but as I said, seem to be reluctant to offer too many other extra's. Over all, it was a pleasurable experience and I would probably repeat except that there are so many other exceptional SP that I probably wont.

Billy from 99th Street

Very pretty and sexy but way too many restrictions and seemed rather distant and "not there"
Looks 9
Attitude 6
Service 6
Extra's 5
Repeat? NO

Sydney from Fantasy

A very sensual sexy woman who is VERY easy to be with!!! Really willing to play and get into the session... Highly recommended!

Looks 9
Attitude 10
Service 9
Extra's 8
Repeat? Definately!!!

Very sweet woman!

Thats all for now.. Have fun

Pink Cherry