Indy Companion


Feb 26, 2004
Has anyone seen this little treasure yet? Any intel available?


Nov 6, 2002
I did.

tiny thing (not even 5 feet tall about 100 lbs), with lots of tattoos. cig smoke there, but barely perceptible. ++ stretch marks and somewhat droopy tits. If you're looking for a hard body, try one of the other girls. Nice face and hair, tho.

having said that, I enjoyed our time together. She's extremely upbeat, energetic and wants to please you. She strikes me as a genuinely horny individual. If you're nice to her I'll bet she'll do almost anything you ask.

I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't "tight", particularly considering her extreme small size but I guess the bambinos have stretched her a bit. Her CBJ is pretty good and expect it'll get better when she calms down a bit.

I was her first customer so I didn't want to freak her out asking her about BBBJ, greek, pearls and all that open minded stuff.

She's constantly worrying that she talks too much (she's right! lol!) but it's kinda sweet because she's so nervous. I'll bet she "blooms" into a pretty seriously hot SP down the line a bit.

I'd repeat. I value attitude and service far above looks. See my review on Danielle and you'll see what I mean.

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