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2 for 1 @ deja vu


Jun 30, 2003
KonkeyDong, Perhaps your SECOND POST could be a review of your 2 for 1 experience there !


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Sep 15, 2003
I've been a hobbyist for a number of years. Looking back, I had no idea a "sport" that began so casually on a May afternoon at Supreme on the Southside would become such a regular part of my life, or would take me as far afield as MPs in San Diego, Riga, Latvia and one of those fantastic "soapy" massage parlours in Bangkok. I have had doubles and "2 for 1" sessions a handful of times, but IMHO they are almost never advisable. Sure, it's a little slice of heaven to have two sets of hands working on you, and two sets of the fun stuff to play with. But too often one of the girls is in the mood to rush, or out of it, or gives a lackadaisical performance, and she drags the other girl down with her. Often when I am alone with one girl she will offer a special servce or price, depending on her mood. This of course NEVER happens when another girl is present. Yes, there are girls who rush through the session when they are solo, but it is far more likely to happen when you are with two girls. From my humble perspective, if you like two girls, go in and see each of them separately. You're far more likely to get the full time you paid for, and you can give each girl more, ahem, attention. (And isn't that what this is all about?)


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Aug 6, 2005
you make some very good points! IMHO, what you write is exactly how it is... unless you get a couple of girls who are into each other and you as well! This is how it seems to me when I take Nikita to visit Hunny... and it makes for a great session!! I have had some terrible sessions with other girls, and it took a lot of sessions to get this chemistry together... and now that I've found it, I find it to be a precious thing!!


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Aug 9, 2003
noddy on Duos ...

The secret behind any really exciting and rewarding Duo (or Group action) is the Interaction/Connectivity between the Gals.

I have had several awesome experiences and that has always been the underlying charateristic. It is also better when you allow the Gals to "Pick their Partner" and you bring along some great toys like a strapon and a double headed dildo.

In my view the following Gals can make a Duo rock no matter who they are with:

1. Nikita - extraordinaire with multiple partners
2. Hunny - so involved and enthusiastic she make me shiver
3. Karma - I can only imagine but intend on changing that soon
4. Shawna - so beautiful she is always an incedible accessorie for any gathering
5. Jenna the Escort - nuff said
6. Lilith - retired but a notorious womanizer
7. Gabrielle - amazed me when she really got into it
8. Heather the Escort - loves woman as much as me
9. Kaela - likes to experiment
10. Cassidy - always legendary. My Fanatasy is her with Nikita. Could be the single finest Duo ever reported on:p
11. Cherry - a must try and soon. Very erotic, teasing and likes Gals.

Can anyone else add to this list? I would ove to know any other "Gals who like Gals".
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