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107 and 107


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Feb 18, 2003
Edmonton, Ab
So i ran by an MP at 107 and 107.. (Paradise?) I was on my way to see rebecca at Deja vu and figured i'd just stop and see if there was anyone interesting there. Well needless to say i kinda had my heart set on rebecca. (whom when i arrived at dejavu found to not be working, and ended up seeing emily. And later wished i had stayed with this other lady) So i didn't stay for a session. There was a lady there i met Name escapes me at the moment. (i'll do some research and try and find out what her name is again)

Well let's just say my first impression of her was very good. She was in her early to mid 30's i'd say. Blonde, about 5'6", and she appeared to be fit with her clothes on. Well let's just say that she welcomed me with open arms and her "Attidude" was a total turn on. I'm planning on going back there and staying for a session. I'll let you guys in on it if / when i do.

So if anyone else happens to be in the area at stops by this mp and meets a lady with that discription stay and let me know how it goes.. two more weeks till my next payday . heh.


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Aug 9, 2003
Paradise Girls that Sparkle

There are two SP's at that MP that are worth the visit everytime. Hannah (likely the blond that you refer to) and Ariel (a tall redhead). I have reviewed them separately in the past and suggest that you serach for those reviewes if you want more details.
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