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💕 Asia Mendez 💕 YYZ Airport ✈️ January 4th - 11th

Asia Mendez

New member
Nov 23, 2017

Have you taken the time lately to just relax and slow down? Have you ever just watched a beautiful, sultry lady undress slowly?

Come to me. Pick me up and sit me on your lap. Run your hands down my spine. Grab me, breathe on my neck and kiss me once and for all. Kiss me thoroughly and take your time. Make me scream and make me forget to breathe. Make the moment matter and make me remember. I will leave my mark on your heart and memory in return. Let me ride, go deeper, slower, and stronger. Let me have you.*[/COLOR]


1H-Just a Taste - $350
2H-A Moment of Bliss - $700


E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: ‪647-667-9113‬
Snapchat: asiamendezlive
Instagram: msamendez*

For photos please check my website. Please state your name, age, ethnicity, and handle when contacting me. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK MY BLOG![/COLOR]
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