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    still trying to find replacement

    okay fellow pooners , cough it up , and put it out here. no more secrets amongst us or we may as well close this board down eh ? stephanie retired , so i'm looking for a steady , good attitude , fs , that's full service provider for brown/green , no msog ,no greek , or counselling afterwards ...
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    where to find pm's

    where do u find pm's i have found in the past but can't remember how i found it , i can't seem to find anything on the page as to direct u there ??
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    something new ?

    i am looking for something new , young and hard bodied. early 20's openminded , good attitude . getting tired of the old ho's who think they r pro's and still want 2 browns and say they are 25 when they r 36. it's time for something new and fresh. u can pm me if u want to keep it a secret , it...
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    i would like some info on julia with ad in vancouver escorts . please don't say "do a search" done that and there are so many julia's and so much info . there seeems to be one that is a nut case and i want to avoid that. this one that got the little brain awake looks awesome. and advertises...
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    G.F.E. info

    this is similar to a previous thread , looking for brown >brown green >brown red , girl that provides gfe. -daty -dfk -bbbj -multi position -orgasmic or good faker -nice body , not fat -tight toe -small flaps -clean , nice smelling bunghole -appreciative good attitude who ? fits this...
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    brown and a green short time girls

    hello fellow hobbyist's, i'm looking to expand my list of brown to brown and green girls. so far i frequent , gabriella , sara , stephanie (the best looking) and meaghan who is everyone's fav , but now she's too busy to get a appointment. hope she does not burn out . if anyone has a favorite...
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    does anyone have any info re:- puerto gallera in the phillipines or any good info in the entire area? i travel alot to asia , mostly thailand as i have a biz there , but never have been to phil land , i hear it is fantastically crazy . the problem with thailand is the language barrier, nice to...
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