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    Angelica 5851

    That was a long sentence, Angelica
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    353 Spa

    A couple years ago, 353 was young and very good looking asians. Decent menu too back then. Now it is Asian aunties , most don’t even offer a hj. Huge decline from just two years ago. Honey and Skyla and a few others were very good there, not so long ago.
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    Hardest facefucking

    Yes, Prairie Doll
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    Best HJ

    Yes, but with a very restricted menu. Not like a couple years ago at her apartment on the air mattress when anything goes. She’s cleaned herself up now and only offering hj
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    Best HJ

    Jazz used to have a fully wide open, anything goes, menu a year or two ago. Now that she has made some personal changes , I think all you’ll get now is a hj. She used to host at her place too.
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    Hardest facefucking

    Prairie Girl on listcrawler can handle any aggressive face fuck you can throw at her.
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    Shanti 6576

    I’ll never be convinced that bbbj is a serious risk to either the provider or pooner. I’ll never figure out why guys ever pay for cbj. For Safety reasons is ridiculous imo
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    Best HJ

    Daty with Winnie at Rainbow is tasty too
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    Shanti 6576

    So, it’s CBJ, minus the BS up sell .
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    Arianna Portuguese 1289

    This won’t end well, OR it will be another glowingly fantastic first time post
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    Zelda is one of a kind

    Congratulations on your first review. If she straightened her life / act out , she would probably still be at the Studio and making better life choices . I hope she gets the help she needs.
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    Best HJ

    Strictly for handjob only , I’d have to say that Nancy ranks right up there . Portage and Thompson. ‘Great massage’ title of her ad on KJ. Goes under the name Healthy Life on KJ replies. She was on River Ave a couple years ago. She is mature and to most only provides hj only though. Her massage...
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    TR Spa - 311 Pembina

    This is the new Kingfisher location. Members 10 years ago remember Kingfisher. The last few years it’s been this business setting on Pembina. I’ve always left happy, but never anything to brag about here.
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    Ebony Helen - MIA

    Gia ebony Jolie was nothing like Helen. In every aspect, Helen was way more professional, attractive, etc. Not even close in comparison.
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    The Honey Pot/ Sensual Massage 4145

    That was too obvious. Emma never has been too bright
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    TR Spa - 311 Pembina

    This is an Asian auntie rub n tug. Generally forties, Asian, half hour or hour massage, hand job joint. Half hour is 80 all in and hour is 100. Nothing much to look at, but does in a pinch. Nothing more than a hand polish offered.
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    Street hookers during winter season

    My initiation to pay for play was on Albert. Picked her up, drove to the Stock Exchange Hotel/Teddy Bob’s, got a key from the bartender, off to the room we went. Circa 1990. We all know the current hot spots that might remain in the city for trolling. But decent streets off the beaten path are...
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    Lina 1215

    Most of the wording in her ad screams of Scam. I would definitely avoid
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    Mackenzie 7329

    She has been around for years. Recently moved back from Calgary. She’s had other names. I’ve never seen her but her body pics catch my interest. Tread carefully.
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    Dont see this dude ladies

    Always avoid confrontation. Every phone number you posted is an app (fake) number. Phone numbers mean nothing. Block and avoid and repeat that every single time.