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    Mistress Viola

    Hello, this might be more appropriate for the older people here. Since it's been some time since I have visited a Domme, roughly two years, I have been thinking recently of who I would love to go back in time and see again. For me that would be a certain Mistress Viola who was active from...
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    Madam Rabbit

    Hello. I'm just curious about a Domme who goes by the name Madam Rabbit. She's pretty sparse with information, and doesn't have a proper website, so I'm linking her Instagram account. Has anyone here had any experience with her? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Goddess Terra Sapphire

    Hi Anyone out here have any experience with this person? No website, but the photos she posts are certainly good, as is her write up.
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    Affluent Goddess

    Hello folks This is just more curiosity than anything, but does anyone know anything about this new Dominatrix who goes by the name Affluent Goddess? She seems to be offering something a bit more in depth, and says she's looking for one person to completely submit to her. this is her...
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    Suspicious ad on LeoList

    Hi folks, while tooling around on the internet I came across a website for a Boston based dominatrix named Miss Vivian Darkbloom. She looked oddly familiar, and sure enough there has a been an ad lately on Leolist for a Mistress S, and darn if they don't look alike! So yeah, buyer beware. For...
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    Scam alert

    Hello fellow perbites. Someone has been occasionally posting on Leolist under the domination category as Mistress Nina, using Los Angeles Dominatrix and femdom performer Goddess Mina Thorne's pictures. This does make my spidey sense tingle so I would suggest that it's most likely a scam...
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    Scam alert

    I've always thought that anytime someone is using photos of a very famous dominatrix, in this case Goddess Ezada Sinn, it's best to stay clear.