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    Jolene tiny Asian from Vancouver

    Texted her yesterday evening not really expecting much, within 30 min I was at her incall. She's real small, under 5ft easy, nice little curvy body, great Tits and ass. Service was real gfe, friendly, clean. Was her first time in town, hope she comes back soon.
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    Jessica at IF

    Met her this week. New favourite at IF Hygiene was parfect, cute little body with big breast. I would say a little older then 27, but not at problem at all. Very pretty. Service wise, I can see why she is always booked. I had a great time. Extras are there just like other girls at if. Repeat...
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    Jessica at IF

    I'm sure some people have tried her. Every time I try to book, she's booked up for the day. Would love some info, she's not everyone's type of girl I'm sure. But looks great in the pics
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    April @if

    Recently met with her. I was surprised and a little disappointed when she said that she does not offer any extras. So not gfe at all But after having my session, I was quite happy with how it went. She's real friendly, bubbly, aims to please. Overall I enjoyed my more with her than with others...
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    Erika, fake Fake pics, using a Montreal sp's pics. Actual sp in the pics is amazing, just too bab she's not the one working in Victoria
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    Madame Monroe

    She was visiting from out of town. Body is exactly like in the pictures, enhanced breast but real nice and well made, beautiful curves. Face was way better then her pictures. she's young real pretty and real easy to talk to. Service was a great GFE, won't go into details here but I was very...
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    Hallie DD petite

    Anyone have any info about this girl? She post out only, 200hh plus 40 for transport. Pics are the same (visible tattoos) and same description as rose from island finest. When I asked her if she's the same she just replied "when do you want to book?" And asked again saying I will book of its...
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    Canadian born asian?

    There's an add for a Canadian Asian, pics seem nice (she hides a tattoo in them so I think they are real). She works outcall. Anyone tried? I've had yellow fever recently and I'm looking for someone younger that yuki and yoyo. I've tried both.