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    Kimberlie 3560 LL

    Anyone try these girls out? I texted and get delayed one-word replies. Pimp maybe? Lol And there's Amber (her ad is always above Kimberlie's), same thing...Delayed responses with one-word replies. So that kind...
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    Brittanya - 2497

    Well, Just got back from seeing her - better than the pictures. I left satisfied. Treat her right. Ymmv'. Don't demand what she doesn't offer, then your good. I'm her new regular. Have fun! Don't be a creep! Lol. She friendly as fuck, very easygoing! P.S. Birthday boy missed out. Lol
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    Well, I seen her yester afternoon And yes! SHE IS LEGIT! Best ass in the biz! Very friendly. Nice looking! Fucking smoking! Treat her right and have a good one!
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    Melissa 7289 Was wondering if anyone has any info or toftt? Last time I tried to toftt I got robbed 600. So I'm extremely apprehensive about doing that again. Lol Crap! I just realized that I posted this in the...
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    Anyone see this one or have any info on her? I seen her ad come and go for a while now. It seems that she arrives with Amy-Lee and Brittanya as her ads pop up when those two are in town. So I'm certain that she's associated with those two. Seen Amy-Lee before when I was actually trying to book...
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    Exclusive Christinaxo

    Well, It has been a while since the last time I seen her. And I'd say she's far better than I remember her, still gorgeous if not better than last time. Time VERY WELL spent! Service: 10 Attitude: 10 Looks: 10 I highly recommend. As her service is always excellent and her personality very...
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    Bella LL

    Hello, has anyone taken the plunge on this one? If so please tell us how it went and if it's worth it. I ask because I'm not going to waste time and money driving 4-5 hours to get ripped off. So any information on this one will be well appreciated, please and thank you...
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    Music During Session?

    Is it me or does anyone else prefer not to hear music during an appointment? I play music as a hobby, and whenever I hear music of any genre I tend to instinctively sway to the beat and such. It throws me off during a session and makes it kinda difficult to concentrate. Lol
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    BLE Down?

    Tried to view the schedule and this is all that came up.
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    Any info on them>

    The title says it all. P.S. I'm not driving 6 hours just to be ripped off or scammed. Lol
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    Any info on her?

    The title says it all.
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    Any Info On Her? Mary (Busty Bimbo)

    The title says it all, but I'll ad more. I'm hoping that one of you have booked a session that was worthwhile and will give us fellow pooners a green light to ensure that she's legit, etc... I work hard for my money, the last thing I need is to travel 2-3 hours from outta town just to be...