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    YUKI 5116

    Hey guys, Has anyone seen Yuki 5116 who advertises on LL in the massage section? Looks decent might have to check it out. Anyone see her yet? Thanks in advance 🙂
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    Hey guys, From my understanding Marpole Beauty has new owners. Has anyone been there lately? How's the lineup and service? Rates? If anyone has any Intel that would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks in advance!
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    Marpole Spa/Marpole Beauty

    Hey fellow Pooners, Has anyone been there lately? Any idea who's working and who is worth seeing? Thanks in advance, boys 👍
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    Street Scene???

    Hey guys, I didn't realize Hatrick and his legendary street reviews were gone. He definitely was one of my faves. Is there a street scene anymore? I've caught a glimpse of maybe 2 or 3 SW's late at night on Kingsway but nothing else really. Downtown Eastside had nothing. Does anyone have any...
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    Marpole Beauty Centre

    Hey guys, I hear that there is new ownership/management here at this place and Fern is no longer there. The web site is outdated - has anyone visited there since the change? Are the girls/prices similar or the same? Any info would be great - thanks in advance ?
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    Angela in Richmond?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has seen Angela that advertises on CL. Lives in Richmond. Number ending with 2920. Thanks!
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    What's happening in Richmond?

    Any nice young or young-looking talent worth checking out? I see lots of ads but few reviews. Any info would be much appreciated!
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    Mei Mei/Manda duo in Richmond. Any info ???

    If you have any info on this please pm me or please share! It looks too good to be true. They advertise on Cl for 2 browns for both for 45 min. Thanks!
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    Apple in Richmond...

    Has anyone else seen her? She advertises on Cl 0985. I did a review and was hoping someone else has been there and could tell me their experiences? I may go back but I'd like to hear from anyone else who has seen her... Thanks!
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    Who's the best Asian gfe in Richmond???

    Hello Board, Just wondering who you think is the best Asian gfe in Richmond? I liked April when she was here and also Ada but am looking for a younger,beautiful gfe experience with msog if possible. Any recommendations? :)
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    Strawberry in Richmond

    Has anyone tried Strawberry in Richmond. She advertises in CL. I was really drunk one night and ended up in a place near the Foggy Dew once and can't remember who the hell it was I saw! Any info would be much appreciated! :)
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    Yoyo/sarah/raine In Richmond ???

    Hello - I've seen Raine in Richmond and enjoyed her service but I thought was a little big for my liking. I've seen Yoyo's pics - advertising on CL as body slide and have seen Sarah's pics as well. For those who have indulged - who would you say is better service and/or looks wise? Thanks!
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    Irene in Richmond

    Has anyone seen Irene that advertises on CL ***-0461? I have read that this particular place does not provide good dollar value but I have to admit the pics look good. Thanks!
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    Michelle in Richmond...

    Has anyone seen Michelle in Richmond? Has the same number that Yumiko did before. Just wondering how the service compares...
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    Asia in New West on CL...

    Has anyone seen Asia who advertises on CL? She is located under the Queensborough bridge and I haven't seen a review yet. Rates sound good, and I'm thinking of TOFTT... Is it worth the trip? Thanks!
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    Swan Lake...

    Does anyone know if they have an $80 special? If so - what is included? I guess it would be room fee and a HJ? Just looking to verify - thanks.....
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    Looking in Richmond...

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an independant SP for a rub and tug and possibly fs. Msog would be nice, and preferably Asian if possible. Anyone know of someone I could visit today? Please pm me if you could help out - it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again...
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    Gigi at Swan Lake...

    Hello, Does anyone know if Gigi allows msog? Also - what would be the rate? Finally - Does she provide greek like Helen, or does she do rimming? Thanks in advance...
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    Has anyone tried the girls at Lily's/Connie's place?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the girls at Lily's place yet? I have seen Lily when she was on Cambie before, and was interested in going back. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance...:)
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    About Michelle at Escape...

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if Michelle will give a prostate massage? I know she rubs around the balloon knot, but will she give you a digit if you request it? I've been very curious about it.... Thanks in advance....