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  1. overkill79

    Skylar Sweetheart = WOT

    From the sounds of it, it's lack of communication on her part. I had a similar experience, but I did eventually get to meet her. She don't offer much other than a cbj and intercourse. If you're looking for a quick lay, then it's not so bad. She does put in the effort.
  2. overkill79

    Three strikes and Im out. Feeling blue

    That's why I look ahead and book in advance. I'm heading for Van this week, and a lot of top tier SW's either have their schedule fully booked or just not available the dates that I'm there. So I'm using the opportunity to reconnect with the ones that I have seen, who have come to the island before.
  3. overkill79

    Goddess Molly

    Has anyone seen her yet? She's been popping up between here and Nanaimo lately. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/vancouver-island/comox_valley_goddess_molly-6498296?source=list
  4. overkill79


    I think they were talking about her, before she changed her name to Mallory. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/vancouver-island/nanaimo_available_in_nanaimo_party_friendly_sexy_funny_outgoing-6376629?source=list
  5. overkill79

    Maria or Mallory

    Look up Elena on the thread. That was Mallory's previous alias before she changed it. Some good, some bad. I haven't had a chance to see her yet myself. She clearly looks like the party goer, but damn it her tits make it all more tempting.
  6. overkill79

    Stay far away from this one

    Also her performance is sub par. - A Courtenay resident who has seen her.
  7. overkill79

    Good escorts

    My top picks by far are Lady Vanessa and Rowan.
  8. overkill79

    Do escorts like getting a massage from their clients?

    I was more or less asking if you guys knew anybody that wouldn't mind getting a massage from their clients....... but dear lord, this conversation is fast becoming a confrontation. ?
  9. overkill79

    Do escorts like getting a massage from their clients?

    Just want to see if any escorts on the island, or traveling, ever let their clients massage them. I know Lady Vanessa offers it on her website (last I checked), and Burgandy gave a mutual massage before she left for the US. It's not something I do very often, but I'm looking to do more of that...
  10. overkill79

    Maxime Dupuis

    Well damn. She changed her touring schedule again. I was really looking forward to meeting her here on the island. Who doesn't want to meet a hot Canadian French girl? I haven't checked out any reviews of her on here yet, but based on her Twitter feed, she seems like she would be a lot of fun...
  11. overkill79


    Well said. Saw Billie a couple times in Courtenay. She is a dream come true.
  12. overkill79

    Skylar 8387

    Saw her in Courtenay couple nights ago. She's definitely kinky. And vocal. Repeat for sure.
  13. overkill79

    Ebony sp Nanaimo

    Lady Vanessa for the win. Speaking from experience of course. Great hostess, makes you feel welcome, and I've haven't even begun to dig deep into her services.
  14. overkill79

    Any hot girls in Courtenay?

    I say wait till Devlin fully settles in.
  15. overkill79

    Any info on Sherri?

  16. overkill79

    Any info on Sherri?

    Mileage may vary in this case. I saw her couple years ago, when she was just starting out, and she was kind of a sloth. Years later, not too long ago, holy fuck she's got energy.
  17. overkill79

    Stressed Out? Dull Week? Not Getting Your Needs Fulfilled

    On leolist, mate. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/vancouver-island/comox_valley_stressed_out_dull_week_not_getting_your_needs_fulfilled-5872687
  18. overkill79

    Mila 2024

    Has anyone seen Mila? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/vancouver-island/nanaimo_nanaimo_you_ve_had_the_rest_now_try_the_b_e_s_t-5994291